LocaLoop’s Momentum Continues to Accelerate

  January 15, 2015

The last quarter of 2014 was a resounding success as LocaLoop sales momentum continues to accelerate with many new rural customer coming on board. We welcome them all as we continue to spread our reach into more states.  The market finally understands that broadband via fiber to the home is not economically viable for low density rural markets in spite of all the hype; it needs to be complemented with wireless broadband Internet solutions. Moreover, many rural wireline telcos have been lured in by the big global 4G network vendors to deploy LTE the legacy way, with on-premise core network and business applications, without taking advantage of software and services from the cloud. Reality is now hitting these rural telcos in the face as they experience tremendous difficulties becoming profitable because of high vendor costs (both CapEx and OpEx). In addition, they are also fighting capacity constraints with their systems and their chosen frequencies, which can not handle the growing bandwidth demand required for media-rich Web-Apps and other Internet services.  Many of these rural telcos are now coming to us as they realize we have a solution that can quickly be added to their networks to cost-effectively solve their capacity issues, add new revenue streams from edging-out from their current service territories, and add new services.

Who is better to fulfill that demand cost-effectively than LocaLoop with its synKro co-branded cloud-driven 4G turnkey business solution?

LocaLoop’s solution was specifically invented to close the broadband Internet gap in low density markets in a fast profitable way without the need for any government support. In fact, LocaLoop’s solution offers a complete cloud-based 4G business (B2B2C) delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional 4G legacy solutions in a pay-as-you-grow model.

Our operators reside in rural markets in 14 states, where a rapidly deployable and reliable solution that drives subscriber satisfaction is greatly appreciated. LocaLoop’s cloud based 4G turnkey business solution enables new revenue for operators, both fixed and mobile while providing real time next generation IP data services that deliver an optimized broadband Internet user experience at an affordable price for the subscriber.

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