Cloud-based Technology

Whether you are an existing rural communications services provider (Satellite Service or Cellular Reseller, Telco, ISP, WISP, FTTP, MSO), or a start-up business looking to build a new revenue and profit stream from a rural broadband communications network, LocaLoop is your partner for 5G fixed broadband Internet services.

Is maintaining your back-office environment a technical hassle due to constant upgrades, updates and integration issues? Are your subscribers happy with your billing and customer care systems and your ability to service them effectively? Are you realizing all the benefits of cloud-based applications?

  • LocaLoop eliminates data center, NOC, IT personnel and other related costs for a more efficient operating model.
  • LocaLoop eliminates need for multiple on-premises OSS/BSS & billing software applications. It is all replaced with one cloud based SaaS/IaaS synKro™ cloud platform.
  • The cloud application provides all the functions you need to run the business for simplified administration and easy-to-use user interface (UI).
  • The synKro™ platform was built with distributed intelligence and central management and control.
  • Offers content control for revenue sharing, allowing you to build new revenue streams.
  • The system includes automatic end-to-end network visibility.

No other solution available today offers rural communications service providers a next generation IP data only communications business solution that enables them to build and grow their territories profitably with high custom satisfaction.