synKro Subscriber Brand

Is your brand becoming stale? Does it reflect current technology, or does it refer to outdated legacy technology? We offer an approach to go-to-market quickly and start realizing revenue. If you want to keep your brand we offer a co-branding solution that gives you the best of both worlds. With the synKro brand you can take advantage of and build on an existing brand with national and growing international visibility.

Consider the benefits of being a LocaLoop partner:

  • Using synKro™ as your subscriber-facing brand allows you to build on the marketing and sales programs developed on your behalf by LocaLoop.
  • The synKro™ brand is available for you to use immediately.
  • synKro™ represents the latest in 4G+ broadband Internet technology.
  • synKro™ is available to you to use as a “Brand in a Box” companion to LocaLoop’s “4G+ Business in a Box” solution.
  • Using the synKro™ brand shows your subscribers that you now have the latest, high performing fixed broadband Internet services available anywhere.
  • Automatic payment collection – no bad debt
  • synKro™ subscribers can have access to broadband Internet services in any synKro™-powered operators’ territory (data roaming).

The synKro brand stands for freedom, flexibility and ease of use. It delivers the service subscribers want not what carriers want them to buy, Unlimited Premium Broadband Internet:

  • No data caps
  • No overage charges
  • No long term contracts
  • No termination fees
  • No forced bundles
  • No complicated paper bills
  • No billing surprises
  • No credit checks
  • No off-shore call centers
  • No phone lines needed
  • Local presence
  • One flat monthly fee!

LocaLoop’s 4G+ solution with the synKro™ service brand enables subscribers to buy the broadband Internet services they want and get an optimized user experience

No other solution available today offers rural communications service providers and investors a next generation IP data only communications network that enables them to build and grow their territories profitably.