Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

Quickly establish and grow a new business with fast access to service territories and new subscribers. Economically viable synKro™ branded turnkey 5G broadband Internet service solution including cloud-based business and network management results in a quickly profitable venture and high subscriber satisfaction.

How we help you succeed

We ensure a win-win partnership

  • Partnering with LocaLoop minimizes up-front capital expenses and on-going operational expenses, accelerating your time to profitability as we partner with you on hardware, business and network services, and financing
  • Your subscribers have the ability to self-manage and personalize their services and have access to simple flat-fee pricing models based on the services that they choose
  • We manage your “last mile” network and give robust technical support
  • An innovative, automated cloud-based, easy-to-use web platform for service creation, provisioning, delivery & billing for a complete business solution