Rural Market Knowledge

Communications service providers serving rural areas face a number of unique challenges in delivering a superior broadband Internet experience to their subscribers.

    • Limited capital for initial infrastructure investments
    • Existing business opportunities are drying up
    • Expense of on-premise technical resources is sky-rocketing
    • Technology obsolescence
    • Competition from various incumbent local telephone and cable companies
    • Pending replacement of existing infrastructure

    But a partnership with LocaLoop overcomes those, and other challenges, and turns providing rural 4G+ broadband Internet into an opportunity.

    • We’re focused on rural markets – we don’t want to solve the world’s wireless broadband Internet problems, just yours
    • Low capital requirements get you started quickly and profitably — subscription model aligns you with revenue growth
    • You run the business over the Internet via the synKro™ platform from almost anywhere.
    • Ongoing support through a win-win partnership, not just a phone number (but the phone number is always there, too)
    • A brand-in-the-box: synKro™ is co-branded with you as part of our LocaLoop broadband Internet-in-a-box solution that enables you to effectively launch a fresh and vibrant branded subscriber experience