Quick-to-market Brand

The synKro service delivery model and brand gets you to market quickly and profitably. It is a proven brand-in-a-box solution that complements the LocaLoop 5G business-in-a-box solution. It will invigorate your business, your profitability, and your profile in the community.

The synKro™ quick-to-market brand is your key to rapid rural wireless broadband Internet  profitability. Included is:

  • A fully co-branded synKro™ web interface that increases mind-share with your prospects and contributes to a vibrant and efficient user experience for your subscribers.
  • Marketing expertise and support helps you expand your territory by selling to more subscribers.
  • Built-in capabilities that provide disruptive effects toward major carriers.

The synKro™ service delivery model and brand: the tools and support to get you to market quickly; to sustain and grow your business rapidly; and to build a strong and positive presence in your market – making you a hero in your local community.